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July 25 at College of the Albermarle, John Wood Foreman Center, Elizabeth City

July 26 at NC Department of Public Instruction, Room 150, Raleigh

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Purpose of Session: To provide a tool and process that school teams can utilize to analyze their testing and accountability data and identify areas of progress and areas for growth.

Goals of the Session:
  • To use an excel tool to analyze testing and accountability data
  • Identify curriculum and instructional areas for additional support
  • Collaborate and explore the possible reasons for weakness and identify possible solutions
  • Create a "Data Mindset" among team members
  • Identify curriculum and instructional changes aligned to the data needs

  • Introduction to the DART Model

  • Show how to use with current data from “Sample School”

  • Teams input their own data (Disaggregate Data) from 2017 and 2016

Lunch (On your Own)

  • Discussion of Strengths and Weaknesses shown in data (Assess)

  • Collaboration on why the areas of weakness exist (Review - Problem solving)
Team Time!
  • Next Steps: (Target) What will we target in our instructional plans for improvement

Testing Specifications

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  • Other Questions