Dare County Schools - TeachersEVAAS Training for Instructional Improvement and Student Success!April 17, 2017, 9:00 AM - 11:30 AMbit.ly/DareEVAAS

First Flight Elementary School (Elementary)

First Flight High School (Secondary)

AGENDAPresenters:Paul Marshall, EVAAS Consultant, NCDPIAngela Jackson, Service Support Coordinator, East, NCDPI




Part 1
  • Introductions
  • Make sure participants are sitting with their team: grade; department; grade/subject team
  • What do you need to know/learn?
  • Burning EVAAS Questions
EVAAS Introduction Presentation

Burning EVAAS Questions
Part 2
  • Background of how EVAAS analyzes testing data
Link to Presentation Slides
Part 3
  • Navigation in EVAAS
  • Teacher Reports
  • How to read the reports; important information to glean
  • How to understand and interpret the whiskers
Navigating EVAAS Presentation
Part 3
  • Simulation Activity
    • Use teacher EVAAS data reports and Analysis form
    • Practice analyzing data with your team
    • Chart ideas for teacher improvement
    • Gallery walk of ideas
    • Table talk about the process and ideas
Link to Presentation Part 3

Teacher Diagnostic Form

Part 4
  • Use EVAAS Data Diagnostic and Reflection forms to analyze your own data
Teacher Diagnostic Form

Optional Reflection Forms

Teacher Report Worksheet1

Teacher Report Worksheet2
Part 5
  • Write ideas for your own instructional improvements;
  • can use information from charts on Data Analysis and Reflection Forms

Part 6
  • Work with your team to chart needs for professional development to support your instructional growth
Padlet to PD Needs
Part 7
  • Additional Resources
  • Lingering Questions and Next Steps

Part 8
  • Feedback Survey
Link to Feedback Survey
Burning EVAAS Questions

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Professional Development Needs

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